White Duke #4

White Duke #4


This absolutely beautiful print is a limited edition (277 of 500) of Gregory Gilbert-Lodge’s ‘White Duke #4’ portrait of David Bowie. Blue Leopard are delighted to offer this piece mounted and framed (conservation standard with acid-free products) in one of our stunning bullet grey reflective metal frames. This styling works so well with the artwork, the framing and print really sing a lovely harmony together.

You should also know that this limited edition print has been created with an amazing sparkly finish! Indeed: screen printed black with carbon dust on 250 gsm Somerset Satin White paper. If you shine a light onto the artwork the black areas of the picture will be full of glittery stars. We’d recommend the purchaser of this piece to put a light source either above it or at least pointed directly at the picture to show off the quality of the print’s paper and printing style.

The outside edge measurements of this artwork are 66cm by 66cm. If you would like to talk to Blue Leopard about this piece before you buy - or any other artwork-related query - please do get in touch with us. And if you’d like to find out more about Gregory Gilbert-Lodge and his work have a look at his website. Thank you and happy shopping!

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