Sam McConnell

By the beginning of the nineties Sam McConnell had been working as a free-lance photographer for over ten years during which time he had been approached by both Magnum and Black Star photo agencies in New York and also claimed one of Athena’s best-selling posters....


Patrick Schuttler

Patrick is an amazing fine art photographer based in Perth in Western Australia. His career spans many different countries and genres, from fashion to landscapes and seascapes, portraits, and travel. High quality prints of his work are available in the UK via Blue Leopard.


Brian Aris

Brian is one of the most celebrated fashion and music photographers in the world. His work has covered every aspect of the music scene from punk rock, glam' rock and straight rock ‘n’ roll with the Rolling Stones, right through to the emergence of the boy bands and the girl power that arrived with The Spice Girls. His studio work includes just about anyone who is anyone in music. This selection here includes Blue Leopard's favourite acts that Brian has worked with.

moonnIcelandMilliganRT-4 copy 2.jpg

Max Milligan

I am a ‘straight’ photographer – which means using only natural and available light – no flash, filters nor anything but the most basic corrective manipulation. The act of creation for me is between the eye and the moment and then it is done.