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Blue Leopard provides artwork and framing services for hotels, restaurants, and offices


One of Blue Leopard’s core services is to provide well chosen and beautifully framed art for hotels, restaurants, offices, and commercial spaces in London and the south east. We also further at times work further afield too throughout the UK. Interior design and decor are crucial elements of a successful commercial space, be it a restaurant, hotel, office, or bar. You can learn more about the benefits of well-chosen art in offices on Blue Leopard’s blog. Indeed, we would argue that the difference between a good interior scheme and a seriously cool one is often the choice of commercial artwork and how it’s framed. The example above demonstrates this point perfectly. The eclectic choice of framing styles really complements the bright, contemporary furniture. For a period space like this with classic artwork, more uniform, simpler framing would have had the effect of blending the artwork into the surrounds and completely undermining its impact. The overall effect of these framing choices creates a really vibrant look that is fresh but respects the period of the space too. Absolutely superb.

restaurant black and white photos.jpg

Finding the ideal tone is so important for artwork in commercial spaces

If you’re working on a space that needs artwork, speak to the team at Blue Leopard.


Thinking about your audience is just as important for framing in commercial spaces as it is for a piece that is put together for the tastes of an individual. Let’s think about the sort of people that are going to be using the space and the style and tone of artwork they are most likely to respond well to. To put this into context, imagine we are working with you on an office space in a cool part of town like Rivington Steet in east London. A young, hip marketing company based in an area like this is probably not going to appreciate - or even notice - traditional oil or watercolour landscapes. Why not think more about the context of the local area instead and go for some impactful street art? Forgive the plug for our fantastic Journal but you can read our street art blog piece here which highlights some of the best talent currently out there. Some of these artists are available for commissioned work. Get in touch with us to find out more.


Tell us about your commercial project

If you are opening up a new bar, hotel, restaurant, or office, get in touch with us ASAP. We can help you with your artwork. Maybe you’re relocating an existing office or you’ve already got a space operating and the artwork needs a bit of TLC. Click the button below, leave your details, and let’s start transforming your space from something great into something really special.

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Combine the appropriate genre with style and courage and… BANG! #streetart


As well as hotels, restaurants, and bars, Blue Leopard can also make a big difference to an office decor. Colleagues and employees of a company are spending an awful lot of time in their office space so finding office prints and artwork that are inspirational and relevant to the people working there is one of the benchmarks of a successful installation. Have a look at the gallery below of a project we did for a well-known housing association based in London on the south bank of the Thames. Their super-smart clean office design warranted a classic style of framing that let the images and the colours within the photographs do the talking. All the artwork chosen here includes select images that remember important milestones in the company’s history. For art in offices it’s a good idea to let the artwork tell colleagues and visitors about your company’s history or personality.


Montages like the one we did below can look amazing in commercial spaces. This example was for a super high-end residential project that used reflective metallic frames in two different colours and very accurate hanging to show off these wonderful safari animal images that were captured by the client. Below those you can see an example of how you can use framing to create an incredibly smart grouping of pictures that are from the same set. We used high quality double mounts and high gloss black lacquer frames here to give a ‘luxe’ feel and sophisticated look. Again, this style of framing would give a huge lift to a commercial space that needs to impress customers, visitors, or potential clients.