Blue Leopard hits Mayfair...


We are absolutely thrilled to tell you about this! In collaboration with artist Jonathan Speed, iconic celebrity photographer Brain Aris, and glass artist Michelle Oberdieck, Blue Leopard announces its inaugural exhibition taking place at 54 The Gallery, Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London from Monday 26th March until Saturday 31st March. Opening hours for the exhibition are from 11am each day until 7pm. We are also going to be open late on the Tuesday and Thursday that week until 9pm so pop in for a glass of wine on those days and a chance to meet the artists. Phil Hodgkinson from Blue Leopard will also be available to chat to you about framing options and how they can work with your interior design.

*NB. See official invitation at the bottom of this article.   


This is an awesome opportunity to come and see for yourself a selection of the artwork Blue Leopard loves.

54 The Gallery Shepherd Market - Monday 26th March until Saturday 31st March


Brian Aris is a British photographer who began his career as a photojournalist. Initially, he was a front line photographer of the troubles in Northern Ireland, the plight of Palestinian children in Jordan, the civil war in Lebanon, famine in Africa, and the  Vietnam War. He then decided to change direction and become a photographer of fashion and glamour models, as well as stars of the music industry for newspapers and magazines. He has photographed Twiggy, Mike Oldfield, Lynsey de Paul, Alvin Stardust, Cliff Richard, David Bowie, Elton John, Debbie Harry, The Clash, The Boomtown Rats, Roxy Music, Duran Duran, and The Police. At Blue Leopard, we are honoured and incredibly excited to show you selected examples of his work that we can provide for you in large, high-quality prints with - of course - fabulous framing options. Have a look at some examples here on his page on our site. They are absolutely stunning and framed correctly can make a well thought out interior spec really sing - literally. Come and check out Brian's work in person and maybe even meet him yourself.


Come and see original oil paintings by Jonathan Speed in Shepherd Market

54 The Gallery Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London


Jonathan Speed is a self-taught artist, specialising in contemporary landscapes and seascapes. His work is inspired by the natural environment and provides a unique interpretation of the dynamic relationship between earth, water and sky. His ability to capture the essence and drama of these elements and their reaction to light captivates the observer. Working in oil, he produces paintings full of atmosphere and a projection of vast open space. His work features landscapes set at dusk with the setting sun and brooding shadows of mountains as well as energetic seascapes of cresting waves.


Moody, soft ethereal colours are reminiscent of dip dyed fabrics. Michele's

free tonal movement incites moods and memories.


Inspired by natural forms, and organic structures, Michele Oberdieck explores balance, and asymmetry through shape, surface and colour. Coming from a background of printed textiles, and the two dimensional, she found a new passion in blown glass focusing on colour merging, and surface texture. She became fascinated with the effects created by interweaving her cut patterns on blown glass with light and shadow. Looking at the natural flow of colour in molten glass, she has created her own palette, mirroring the soft organic lines created when one colour bleeds into another with a biomorphic gestural form. At Blue Leopard we are very excited to be working with Michele on this exhibition. For more examples of her work and information about her visit her website here.


This is a unique opportunity to view and purchase original artworks. Don't miss it!

Monday 26th March until Saturday 31st March - 11am until 7pm.


Official invitation for this exhibition is below. Let us know if you're interested in coming along. There will be the chance to meet the artists and also Blue Leopard owner Phil Hodgkinson will be on hand to discuss any framing needs you might have. Click on the button below to log an enquiry and let us know when you are popping in so we can arrange an appointment for you..   

Philip Hodgkinson