Art that works for your business

Street artists like Agwa can produce unique artwork directly onto an interior wall for a really impactful look.

What are the benefits of well-chosen artwork in the office?

Have you ever witnessed colleagues in an office kitchen or breakout space staring blankly at some really bland, uninspiring attempt at artwork on the wall? Nobody knows how it got there, and nobody likes it. Well, you are not alone. This happens far more often than it should. Wall space in offices are forever being peppered with random bits of unappealing ‘non-art’. We are happy to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Offices and commercial spaces have a lot of wall space and present massive opportunities for putting up well-chosen artwork. Why should you bother you might ask? Read on for some compelling reasons.


It’s been emotional


Modern times quite often shepherd in advancements that not only solve problems but also create additional ones in the process. Take social media for example! Anyway, one very positive development in recent years is the communal recognition of the prevalence of mental health issues among young and old people alike in today’s society. In turn, companies are rightly feeling more and more responsible for the psychological and emotional well-being of their teams and workforces. The efforts of interior designers and human resources personnel are combining to create tailored work spaces that allow their users to breathe and really get the most out of their day. Artists, framers, and art consultants can also play their part. According to OnOffice, a recent study conducted by The Harvard Journal of Workplace Learning showed that employees believe art promotes social interactions, elicits emotional responses, facilitates personal connection-making, generally enhances the workplace environment, and fosters learning. Examples above are by Agwa, one of the street artists that Blue Leopard works with. Agwa can work on canvas but also creates unique pieces direct onto internal (or external walls). You can find out more about street art on our blog and take a look at Agwa’s artist page here.


Can artwork provide a return on investment?

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” Henry David Thoreau

We think it’s fair to assume that for many people the positive effect art has on employees and any improvements in mood and emotions would be big enough rewards for companies investing in well framed artwork for their office space. However, for people who really like to see any amount of spend sweat as hard as possible, artwork can also provide a return on investment in terms of its value over time. By working with a curator or art consultancy who are more likely to be connected to up and coming contemporary artists of note whose work is increasing in value, you can think of your interiors budget spend as an investment. Whether it’s original artwork or limited-edition prints, the right pictures by the right artist can produce a healthy increase in value. We’d be wrong if we said there isn’t a certain amount of luck involved in this but we are confident to say that increases in value of artwork – contemporary as well as vintage – do happen far more often and acutely than your average sceptic might assume!

Take these examples below for example from the legendary rock and pop photographer Brian Aris. His limited edition signed prints showing all the iconic British music acts throughout the years that he has captured in a stellar career will only increase in value over time. View Brian’s artist page to see more work from his awesome catalogue.


Dress to impress

Can artwork aid the attraction of potential clients to your business? Well, according to Interior designer Sophie Ashby you need to: "start with the art - it has a vital place in every interior. Most spaces feel naked without it." We couldn’t agree more with those sentiments but what we’re trying to work out is if beautiful artwork in an office can actually have a direct positive effect on helping a deal go through. Of Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion we would argue that the right artwork framed beautifully – enhancing your interior space and providing something thought provoking for onlookers – addresses both the authority and likeability principles. If prospective clients can even feel a bit of ‘positive envy’ about your space then that’s great! When hosting potential customers, having confidence in the impact of your interior space provides a solid foundation for a positive meeting. Just don’t forget the pastries!


If prospective clients can even feel a bit of ‘positive envy’ about your space then that’s great!


Can art experiences foster creativity and teamwork?

So, we’re happy that we’ve given a decent argument for the concept that artwork has genuine, tangible benefits for a business and its people. But what about the actual creation of artwork? For many people art is something that ‘other people’ do as they may never get the opportunity to throw some paint on a canvas and let their minds escape for a few hours. We are DELIGHTED to tell you that the practice of art can also be compatible with office spaces and is open to anyone of any ability. Blue Leopard works with a select handful of artists, some of whom can spend half a day with a group of up to 10 people and provide them with a fun, soul-restoring experience. If you’d like to find out more about art experiences in offices get in touch with us. Pictured below is Jeremy Bournon, a wonderful landscape painter from Derbyshire. He is a very experienced art teacher, as well as an artist in his own right, and working in conjunction with Blue Leopard he offers immersive art experience days where colleagues and employees win the chance to refresh themselves and gain a new perspective on their work and life.


Artists like Jeremy Bournon offer immersive art experience days in your office


Blue Leopard specialises in the curation and installation of artwork for offices, hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces. Find out more on our Commercial Projects page. We work with interior designers and end users to guarantee that the art is working as hard as it possibly can within an interior design scheme. Make contact with us if you need help turning a good space into a great one.